Digging through HBO Max’s catalog for a movie to watch?  Despite the Warner Bros. Discovery TV and movie cull of 2022, there’s still an impressive collection of titles to catch. It helps that HBO, Warner Bros. and DC Comics all live under the HBO Max roof. Plus, check out what’s coming to […]

Another evening, another scroll through a “best movies on Netflix” list. But this isn’t just any best movies on Netflix list. Oh no. This list has slightly more to offer: It’s also a rundown of what’s new each week and whether they’re watch-worthy. Plus, the list itself is confined to […]

In maybe not an expected trend, Netflix is the home of a huge trove of quality horror movies. It really does have a lot. So much that not every worthwhile horror movie could make the main recommendations on this list. (You’ll find them in another list below.) Crafty originals, Mike […]