The Best Nicolas Cage Movies Ranked

Neurotic, nervous, and a germaphobe, Cage plays a tiny time crook imprisoned by his very own psychological limitations—which are all exacerbated when he learns he has a teenage daughter named Angela (Alison Lohman). In opposition to his will, Angie movies in, and the movie gets to be a gentle familial comedy about a very dysfunctional father-daughter dynamic as he teaches her the family members business. It is also 1 of the most pleasing star vehicles from the era wherever Cage was at the height of his Hollywood reputation. The complete ensemble, which contains Sam Rockwell, has so much chemistry that you can’t even see how the movie is hoodwinking you. – David Crow

Nicolas Cage in Vampire's Kiss

14. Vampire’s Kiss (1988)

This typically forgotten 1989 film about a poor boy literary agent who thinks he’s been turned into vampire has roared back again to lifestyle in the YouTube era, as movie lovers giddily shared scene just after scene of Cage’s most unhinged performing to day. From donning bogus vampire tooth to having a (serious) cockroach, to operating by way of the streets of New York screaming “I’m a Vampire,” Cage totally commits to the purpose and usually takes an expressionistic solution to portraying a man’s descent into insanity.

In the film, Cage’s protagonist may well dwell in the literary entire world but he’s certain he’s a bonafide ‘80s yuppie on par with Gordon Gekko or Patrick Bateman. He snorts cocaine, he hangs out at nightclubs to choose up girls, and… he turns into certain he’s turning into the titular vampire from 1922’s Nosferatu. This could possibly be all in his head, but it doesn’t help you save his victims. It is campy and unintentionally amusing, positive, but it’s also weirdly magnetic. There is certainly absolutely nothing like it. – Nick Harley

Nicolas Cage in Mandy

13. Mandy (2018)

Landing squarely in the midst of Cage’s shed decade—when he was showing in just about each and every direct-to-video release that he could in purchase to pay off substantial particular debts—Mandy stood out from the deluge of other Cage-starrers and arguably started a mini-renaissance of the actor’s occupation and crucial acceptance. He stars below in director Panos Cosmatos’ psychedelic horror outing as Crimson Miller, a lumberjack whose artist wife Mandy is murdered by a religious cult right after she refuses to give into the cult leader’s sexual advancements. Driven to extremes by grief and rage, Crimson sets out to avenge himself on the cult and the demonic, drug-fueled biker gang who serve as their enforcers.

Shot to intentionally evoke the usually freaky horror and action thrillers of the 1970s, infused with graphic violence, and all over again anchored by a incredibly demented however intricate effectiveness by Cage, Mandy has modern day cult vintage penned all over it. – Don Kaye

Nicolas Cage as Big Daddy in Kick-Ass

12. Kick-Ass (2010)

By the finish of the 2000s, Cage’s occupation was at an ambiguous spot. He nonetheless starred in Hollywood action videos, but they progressively looked like the trashy Ghost Rider superhero flicks rather of his heyday as a John Woo muse in the ‘90s. In the meantime his much more interesting, spectacular performs had (for a time) dried up. 2010 turned that all over for a when with the large releases of Negative Lieutenant and Kick-Ass, the latter of which on paper sounds like yet another trashy superhero joint. And maybe it was inside the comic book panels of Mark Millar and John Romita Jr., wherever Kick-Ass was established, but in the fingers of director Matthew Vaughn, the materials turned a zippy, style-bending motion spectacle in the exact vein as Grindhouse.

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