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Live Up to Your Identify is a Korean drama collection, introduced in 2017. Health care and time journey are quite well known themes in K-dramas. The scriptwriters for this sequence successfully combined the two themes and developed a extremely believable unbelievable story. describes it as a contemporary and historical mash-up. I explain it as a romance/time journey/healthcare/historic time period drama.

Even although Are living Up to Your Name is 5+ years outdated, as of February 2023, enthusiasts are nonetheless hoping for a Year 2. They are even eager to hold out until the summer season of 2024, as very long as the initial forged returns. Wow! Which is loyalty.

The Surgeon Meets the Quack

The two key people who in the long run tumble in like, are Heo Im (played by Kim Nam-Gil) and Choi Yeon-Kyung (played by Kim A-Joong). They are each extremely skilled clinical experts and regarded as “the best” in their fields.

  • Choi Yeon-Kyung is a feminine physician in present day-day South Korea, and her specialty is heart surgical procedure.
  • Heo Im is an acupuncturist from Joseon, and his character is based on a real-existence historical figure.

Episode 1:  It’s the 12 months 1592 in Joseon. Heo Im falls off of a bridge into the drinking water. When he comes up out of the water, he finds himself in modern-working day Seoul, South Korea. He is stumbling close to the streets in confusion when he hears another person contacting for assistance. A particular person has collapsed and is lying unconscious on the sidewalk. He’s a medical professional, so he does what any genuine health care provider would do and tries to present health care aid. He was likely to take care of the man or woman with acupuncture. However, a woman heart health care provider comes on the scene just in time to end him!

  • Dr. Choi Yeon-Kyung thinks Heo Im is a crazy quack pretending to be a physician of oriental medication.
  • Heo Im is stunned to understand that ladies can really develop into physicians and thinks she need to be pretending and she’s the quack!

Their to start with assembly was not really like at initially sight.

A Time Journey Mash-Up

Contacting this clearly show a modern day and historical mash-up makes feeling. What would make Live Up to Your Name distinctive from other time vacation displays is that the principal characters cross the time boundaries quite a few occasions. To start with, Heo Im arrives to the present day-working day Republic of Korea. Then Heo Im and Choi Yeon-Kyung pass through the time portal and they both equally conclude up in Joseon. Then they go via all over again and conclusion back again up in Seoul. They go back again and forth a number of occasions. Just one time Heo Im came back again to Korea and Choi Yeon-Kyung received remaining guiding in Joseon. It was terrifying!

Throughout the program of their time-journey adventures with each other, a romance develops. But how can they have a long lasting romantic relationship when they are from diverse time periods?

  • Have to they pick out to live separate life simply because they are from distinctive time periods?
  • If they decide on to be alongside one another, will they are living in Joseon or in current-working day Korea?

Did He Definitely Exist?

There is no discussion about Heo Im staying a serious historical determine. Nonetheless, in a couple of of the episodes, a character was introduced name Sayaka.

Some say that there is no historic evidence that this guy ever existed. He’s just a “legend” or a “myth”. Supposedly in the course of the Japanese invasions of Joseon (1592 to 1598), there was a Japanese basic named Sayaka who defected and served in the Joseon navy. He aided defeat the Japanese forces and was supplied the name Kim Chung-seon.

Some argue that there is no name for this kind of a commander in the Japanese historical information and paperwork.

I have 2 arguments versus that logic.

  • Argument 1: There is an effortless explanation for why Sayaka’s identify is not in the documents. The Japanese acquired pissed, deemed him a traitor, and erased all traces of him.
  • Argument 2: If I have been a Korean historian or storyteller, and I was likely to create a legendary hero of the people today, he would not be a foreigner who betrayed his state and fought for the enemy.

This guy must have been serious! Why make that tale up? Just sayin’.

Viewer Rankings

This sequence is presently streaming on Netflix. Most viewers gave it 4.9 out of 5 stars. I concur with the ranking and with the rest of the fans that a Period 2 would be magnificent!

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