The Heavenly Idol: Korean Drama Series Adapted from a Webtoon

The Heavenly Idol is a Korean Drama Series, adapted from a webtoon, titled “Sungseureowoon Idol”, composed by Shin Hwa-Jin. It was introduced in February 2023, and is now streaming on Viki. This intimate comedy and fantasy series has only 12 episodes. The K-drama sequence is great for enthusiasts of Kim Min Kyu.

A Large Priest Who Gets an Idol

Lembrary (played by Kim Min Kyu) is a faithful and pure higher priest who serves the god Redlin. When he is not ridding his state of evil demons, he is applying his present to recover other folks. It is his contacting. Right at the exact minute that he is about to get rid of the Devil, he receives a splitting headache. When he opens his eyes and can see plainly he is immodestly dressed in black. Immodest? Ok. Shameful. Yeah. Shameful is a improved description for his clothing. I indicate … he’s a high priest and his bare abdomen is displaying.

That is not all. His hair is shorter, it’s a distinct colour, and his identify is Woo Yeon-Woo. He’s meant to be a hot male idol, a member of a not-so-effective K-Pop boy group named Wild Animal. Attractive? Idol? Wild? How vulgar! But what can he do? The spirit of Lembrary, the higher priest of Redlin, is trapped in the overall body of Woo Yeon-Woo. He is thoroughly perplexed but understands that he have to find out how to navigate in this “new world” even though seeking to determine out how he can return to his personal environment. Fortuitously, he nonetheless has his divine power. Uuumm … often. Sometimes he loses his power. Kind of like a mild bulb that turns off and on. It’s also variety of inconvenient but perhaps … it’s a blessing. Probably he needs to understand that continue to has the reward to mend other folks, even with out divine electricity.

Woo Yeon-Woo Has a Faithful Enthusiast

Kim Dal (played by Go Bo-Gyeol) applied to get the job done for an amusement enterprise but simply because of her mismanagement, a single of the stars tried using to dedicate suicide. She blames herself and carries a hefty burden of guilt on her shoulders. A single working day she meets Woo Yeon-Woo (Prior to he turned possessed by Lembrary). He presents her an autographed CD and encourages her with sort terms. He tells her that she’ll be alright and he understands this because he has a present for therapeutic individuals. From that second ahead Kim Dal turns into a devoted admirer of Woo Yeon-Woo.

The High Priest is Not the Only A single Who Arrived to the “New World”

Lembrary accepts the point that he is in a “new world” but shortly realizes that the Satan he was about to get rid of right before his “body switch” is also below. The Satan (played by Lee Jang Woo) switched bodies with Shin Jo-Woon, the Chairman of RU Amusement. His presence is not an incident. He has been despatched from the other earth to eliminate Lembrary. Of program, in order to accomplish this, he has an aggressive recruitment marketing campaign. He gains followers as a result of the usual “Sell Your Soul to the Satan Contract”.

You know the schedule. The Devil suggests: “Tell me what you want most in this earth and I’ll let you have it if you give me your soul.”  Only in this situation, there is in fact a further remaining in the other globe who is acquiring individuals to indicator these contracts to turn into the Devil’s minions. This remaining heads up an organization known as the Red Rain Battalion in the new earth. It’s shocking how quite a few people are prepared to market their souls. Wherever does the RRB find so lots of willing souls? Uuuh … superstars in demonstrate company. In which else?

Just one Enthusiast In opposition to the Devil’s Minions

Lembrary is outnumbered, i.e. he doesn’t have an military of followers that he has recruited to aid him battle the battle from the Satan. But he does have Kim Dal, his a person true loyal fan/believer. Even while he did not request his support, the Grim Reaper showed up to lend him a assisting hand. The Grim Reaper was sent to the new entire world on a mission that is associated to Lembrary’s struggle with the Devil. Every person understands the career of the Grim Reaper is to escort the useless. But for some explanation, the names of the lifeless hold vanishing from the documents. The “king” in the other entire world sends the Grim Repear to the new planet to locate out what’s heading on! Where are all of these souls disappearing to?

No Like Triangle?

It is outstanding and challenging to believe that but this intimate comedy does not have a appreciate triangle. Is not that a rule for all Korean dramas? If so, The Heavenly Idol broke the rule. There are the two main people, Lembrary and Kim Dal and there is no third person, pining away for either of them. Nope. Other than the information that she’s 29 yrs aged and he’s 120 years aged, they come from two various worlds, she’s your average “girl upcoming door”, and he’s a superior priest who really should be celibate … there is no explanation why they just can’t have a loving relationship. Like conquers all.

Viewership and Ratings

The Viki viewing viewers rated this sequence 8.9. I agree.

The writers poked enjoyable at the enjoyment field and in individual, K-Pop boy groups. But it was accomplished in great humor and good flavor and not intended to be insulting or derisive. In addition, I turned a enthusiast of Kim Min Kyu when he performed the king in “Queen: Like and War”. In “The Heavenly Idol, he did a excellent work taking part in both a high priest from the other environment and an idol in the new world. Because he had the guide purpose, I would not be ready to give the demonstrate a lessen score.

For each this consumer evaluation observed at IMDb: “The Heavenly Idol is very frankly a great passionate comedy. It has a quite huge assortment cast of people that are all so much enjoyable to watch, with every single a person incorporating a little bit of aptitude to the general plot line. The story is enjoyable, exciting, and just various more than enough to make it stand out from the crowd.”

I could not have stated it improved. Even so, as significantly as I liked the series. I really do not consider there need to be a Time 2. In my humble belief, there is not considerably additional that can be included to the storyline. But you in no way know. Some writers can be extremely resourceful.


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